Our philosopy is to guide and support you in improving your own health naturally, translating the most up-to-date scientific research into practical steps to help you make changes to your diet and lifestyle.

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My Services

Weight Loss

Sustainable weight loss occurs when your body gets the right combination of nutrients, in the right amount, at the right time. These variables differ for all of us, and are also influenced by lifestyle factors such as exercise, stress and sleep. I will coach and support you to implement a new way of managing food in your life to support weight loss.

Thyroid Health

Thyroid problems left untreated can cause exhaustion, mental health issues, adrenal and sex hormone malfunction, weight gain and a whole lot of other bodily malfunctions. Working with a nutritional therapist can help patients with low thyroid function achieve optimal hormone levels through a holistic treatment approach.

Menopause Therapy

We offer a Menopause Lifestyle Reset Programme which is revolutionary, scientifically proven programme that helps women control the physiological effects of perimenopause and menopause.

Digestive Disorders

There are many digestive conditions which can have a real impact on day to day life and there are lots of different factors influencing digestive conditions. Diet can be a major cause, but linked to this, there is also stress, general health, family history and medical history. Common symptoms include bloating, abdominal pain or discomfort, constipation, flatulence, diarrhoea, nausea, heart burn and reflux.

Food Intolerance Testing

Most inflammatory conditions maybe as a result of a food intolerance or sensitivity. The Food Intolerance Test is a simple home test, it will analyse your reactivity to over 200 food and drink ingredients.

Genetic Testing

Diet shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach which is why tailoring your diet to your DNA is ideal. I can now offer you a simple home DNA test that will give you in-depth information about foods, lifestyle and exercise that’s tailor-made for you as an individual.

About Me

I am a Registered, Insured Nutritional Therapist and Health and Wellness Coach and have been in practice since 2015. I specialise in hormone health (thyroid, peri menopause, menopause etc.), digestive health including weight loss support. I practice online and from my clinic in Ballincollig, Cork. Each year I undertake at least 30 hours of extra training (continued professional development (CPD)). I regularly attend training courses such as seminars, webinars and workshops so that I am fully abreast of the latest nutrition research and effective clinical practice. I am a full member of the Nutritional Therapists of Ireland (NTOI), ( a regulatory body for practitioners in Ireland), ensuring that I am covered by a comprehensive code of practice.

My services include health coaching, bespoke nutrition programmes, recipes, support with behaviour change, practical support during stressful times, shopping and cooking advice, supplement protocols and functional testing. My approach is based on Functional Medicine, which supports the root cause of a problem holistically. Holistically means that we look at supporting the body as a whole rather than focusing on one symptom. The aim is to address any nutritional or metabolic imbalances to help you achieve optimum health. Nutritional Therapy is not a quick fix. It involves working together to support the root of a problem with both diet and lifestyle. Nutrition support is tailored specifically to you using specific food, nutrients and lifestyle advice to support the body and mind. Depending on your health goal, this process may take a few months but will enable you to support yourself in optimum health for the rest of your life.


Nutritional Therapists are trained to understand how nutrients and other lifestyle factors impact individual physiology, which may result in body systems shifting out of balance, presenting as signs and symptoms of illness.

These imbalances may include hormone dysregulation, challenged detoxification, lack of energy, poor immunity, chronic inflammation and digestive dysfunction. Like peeling an onion, the consultation process starts with exploring your health time line, symptoms and goals

The initial focus is to build strong foundations of healthy eating to optimise nutrient intake and rebalance body systems. When necessary we explore more deeply to uncover root cause of any underlying imbalances.

We can help you address factors that may have impacted your health such as nutrient deficiency, stress, lack of sleep and hormonal changes. Our aim is that together we build a programme that helps you reach sustainable health and wellness.

My Approach

My approach is hands-on and personal. On booking your consultation I will ask you to complete a questionnaire and keep a 3 day diet diary, which are to be returned for preliminary analysis before the initial consultation. You will also be asked to bring/list any medications or supplements that you are currently taking. During the initial consultation (lasting 90 minutes), I take a detailed case history, building on the information from the questionnaire, alongside clinic tests where appropriate.

Using this information, we will work together to agree on a programme for you to follow. The programme will work to enhance the systems in the body, such as digestive function, strengthening the immune system, balancing blood sugar levels and helping the body’s natural detoxification pathways. During this consultation we may also discuss the need for functional laboratory tests to fully investigate the underlying causes of your displaying symptoms, as well as the use of supplements if needed.

12 Week Midlife Menopause Programme

A+ Nutrition has teamed up with My Menopause Transformation (MyMT™) founder Dr. Wendy Sweet (PhD). Wendy is a women’s healthy ageing researcher, specialising in the menopause transition, who has pulled together a variety of lifestyle solutions from various disciplines to untangle these unwanted symptoms.

If you are female, aged anywhere from early forties to mid-sixties then our three month Circuit Breaker or Transform Me programme is designed especially for you!

We will guide, support and help you as you go through this natural aging process.

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